Wake up! and unplug the wire from your head


Free yourself

How are you all.

It’s been a long time since the last post I wrote here on this blog, but I never forgot it 🙂 I just had the feeling that what I was going through needs to be clarified in my head before constructing a point of view and share it with the world.

Three years ago exactly on 25th of January 2010, I created this post as a draft, and all I had in it was a simple line describing the outline. I felt that I don’t yet fully understand the idea. I feel hypnotized and I feel strange, but I had an idea that felt so true, yet I needed to do more thinking and research about it.

Now imagine yourself in a very normal day, watching TV. For how long? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you noticed that you’ve been staring at the same screen for hours, not doing anything, just watching?

You’re absorbing every single piece of information that is given to you. Maybe some of them pass first on your filters, the ones you create in your mind to protect it from corrupted information, but some others just pass right through to your mind without filtering.

I’ll tell you a simple normal situation, and tell me if you have ever experienced it or not.

You’re sitting there watching a movie, and the movie is cut for the commercial break. You looked away to rest your eyes, then the movie continues and then you get back to staring at the TV again.

Though you weren’t paying attention to the commercials, you might find yourself singing a commercial’s song, or you can hear it repeating itself in your mind, or even you feel that you want to buy this product that was in the commercial.

That means that though you weren’t paying attention, in other words “your filters weren’t active” the information went right into your mind.

Everybody working in the media is aiming to control your mind in a way or another, and even maybe some of them don’t actually realise that they want to control your mind.

For example, think about the movies you see, news, talk shows, and even commercials. Let’s think of it for a minute.

Let’s start with movies. There are so many categories of movies. For example, a movie talking about a real situation that happened, a science fiction movie imagining how the future would be, a historical movie talking about what happened in the past, or a movie that is talking about what’s happening now in the present.

The movies reflects the vision of the writer, the director and the actor’s point of view.

When you watch a movie in the cinema for example, after the movie is over you have some thoughts running through your mind, you’re feeling happy or sad or even scared based on what you were watching. Well, isn’t that hypnotizing?!

The emotions that you’re having are not yours, and even not the actor’s. Those emotions belong to the character that the actor was playing, the character that might not even be real.

That’s how movies can manipulate your thoughts easily, by giving you the perfect combination to lead your thoughts through a very interesting and believable situations in a harmony that you feel that it’s so true, and when you give in and become convinced “Hypnotized“, nothing is as simple as giving you the thought they want to inject in your mind, so you would believe it.

Of course it needs really hard work to construct the sequence of situations to put you in this mode, and it’s never an easy job, that’s why there are good movies and other bad ones.

So you get out of the movie with thoughts that are not yours, that are injected into your mind, so you’re different than the person you were before you watch that movie.

The same goes for when you watch the news on TV, or talk shows.

They give you all the proofs you need to convince you with their own opinion and get people you trust in their shows to tell you that they’re right, and you believe them time after another till they gain your trust, and you tend to believe them if they’re saying nothing to contradict with what you already know, which is usually not enough to create an opinion of yours.

People those days have many “contradicted” resources of information. The media show you what they want you to know and believe, which is not always the truth.

They are  just showing you their point of view “which might be wrong or right“, but since you trust them you get yourself convinced with their point of view rather than creating yours.

Even when they get two persons from different “contradicted” sides to talk with each other. There are many other factors that affects your opinion, as the one who’s right might for example has less presentation skills than the wrong one, so the wrong idea gets presented better than the right one, so the right one becomes wrong, and the wrong one becomes right so you think that you got the right information but you didn’t, you got what they wanted to give you.

Advertisements are the not less hypnotizing than the others.

The most important phase in any product campaign is not the taste, not the use…nothing but the advertisement.

When a company thinks of an advertisement for a product, they aim to show it as the best product in the whole world. They try to combine their product with what you need, even though their product might not actually be what you need.

Let’s think it over. I’ll talk about an example from the advertisement here in Egypt, for a multinational company.

For example, Coca cola. Happiness, they combine their product with happiness because people miss being happy.

They do lots of activities to make people happy all over Egypt, but actually drinking coca cola won’t make you happy!

But after you watch their advertisements for so many times through almost all the commercial breaks when you drink coca cola, strangely enough you might feel happy that you just did.

Unconsciously they managed to label this product in your mind with happiness, since you always need happiness, their product will come by through your mind every time you think of happiness, or even when somebody tells you to be happy, you will think of their product, even if you don’t buy it everytime it comes by your mind, one time you will and you’ll find yourself buying it more than you’re used to, which makes it a very successful campaign.

Thus, repeating an advertisement a lot and sticking it to an emotion, or a feeling, along with some suitable music to put you in a certain mood, with an actor/actress acting as if the best thing in life is this product, and that it completes their lives.

Protect yourself, and please notice that your kids are most vulnerable to everything they see or hear. Their mind is still constructing, so please keep them safe and away from the TV except from what you think is actually useful. Let them play outside and communicate with other kids. Let them experience life, let them fall down and learn to get back up again. Play with them.

I didn’t mean to get you freaked out because of how everything around us affects our minds.

“since I’m not trying to hypnotize you 😀 “, I’m telling you that this is just my opinion, which could be wrong. Just think of it. Clear your mind, relax, and think it over again, and come back here and tell me what do you think.

My opinion simply is to unplug the wire from your head, and get the information you need yourself. Go outside, and communicate more.

and remember always to HAVE FUN 😀

Khaled Hamdy

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All pain is the same




Hey all, Hope you’re all fine and feeling good…

I know, it’s been a long time since I wrote my last post here…

But right now I’m somehow in the middle of an experience, and I’m just waiting for the right time to write about it, and to see how I’ll come out of it…

This topic was inspired by Oprah. I watch the show once in a while, and I really respect her.

She said:

All pain is the same

I’ve always thought about that, and she said it in a very simple way!

If you can live with this in your mind, trust me your world will seem so different.

You’ll be able to better understand people, and know how to deal with them.

You’re different than anybody else…you might think that you have a certain problem, and it’s so hard, and painful. Then you decide to tell a friend, and it seems to be so simple for him, then you find that he has been through much tougher problems than yours, and you start feeling bad about it, and you start seeing how weak you are and blame yourself, then get depressed, and the problem grows bigger and bigger.

Or you might get angry with him/her because he/she can’t understand or feel what you’re getting through.

Everybody has his own analysis techniques if I may say…in other words, you can see a problem from your own perspective, and deal with it according to your analysis, but another person deals with it in a different way according to his analysis…there shouldn’t be something right or something wrong, it’s just different ways to deal with the problem

So you must never underestimate someone’s pain, you don’t have to understand it if you can’t, but you must be sure that he/she’s in real pain, no matter how small or how simple the problem may seem to you, pain can’t be measured…so that’s what he/she got from his/her own analysis, from his own perspective.

These analysis techniques are formed by all the experiences he/she got through in his/her entire life. And nobody has the same experience as the others, that’s why nobody have the same analysis techniques.

So when somebody is in pain, he/she’ll try to do anything to stop that pain, including talking with you.

Since they’re talking to you to ease the pain, deal with them according to their experiences, not yours.

Don’t let them feel that you’re underestimating or not caring about their pain.

Don’t let them feel that they are weak.

And mostly important, never ever tell them that they’re not in pain

Just remember, pain can’t be measured, and all pain is the same.

Wish you all a happy painless life,

Have fun, and appreciate every single moment your living


Khaled Hamdy

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Let’s change the world

SA, hey all…

long time no see, ha 😀

well, I’m back with an idea…just a crazy idea I had, and I think it’s crazy enough to work 😀

first of all…I know maybe it’s boring to hear me talking about changing the world…I mean who didn’t talk about it 😀

and everyone comes up with an idea…we usually agree with it, start doing it, then we lose hope, and get back to our usual routine

But you know…when I had this idea…I thought that I have to shout it out loud…it might help

So, we must agree that there is something wrong…the world is not a perfect place…and to be realistic, it won’t be perfect…but at least let’s try hard to make it as close as possible to perfectness…just do your best

also we must agree that you are a very powerful person…no matter where you work, or what you do, or even how old are you…you are still very powerful

so, If we want the world to be a better place…in fact the best we can reach…we must believe in ourselves

so, I suggest you read this first, if you still don’t believe in yourself:


because you’re one of a kind

after that…we must believe in what we’re doing…believe in changing the world to a better place…it’s not about the idea, if you don’t believe, you won’t do

then we must know how powerful we are…especially if we have the right tools, and the right cause…and we must spread the word to everybody else

so here goes the idea…

step one:

Get a paper and a pen…and write whatever you see in this world, that needs to be changed…even the things that you think is impossible to be changed…

and leave an empty space beneath it

step two:

in this empty space you left under all the wrong things…write the right things…only the right things, no solutions yet

step three:

look at the paper, and mark what you feel you can change…

step four:

write in another paper what you can change…and how you intend to change it

so now we have two papers…

First one:

What’s wrong, and what’s right…

Second one:

What you can change, and how to change it

Now…It’s time for some actions 😀

but to take an action there are two simple rules:

Rule number one:

Start with yourself…even if the whole world thinks that you can’t change it…keep your belief and continue on your journey changing what’s wrong…and never get frustrated

Rule number two:

Invite people to help you in a polite, and gentle way…never scream…never tell them that they are wrong…it’s all about believing…if you believe…you can make them believe too ISA

Then the last thing…always check the first paper (The one with what’s wrong and what’s right)

maybe one day you can’t change one thing…the other day you can…so check if there is something new in your life, that can make you change something you couldn’t change before

just never lose hope…every change begins with a personone single person, can change the whole world.

Do what’s right…maybe someone else sees what you’re doing…and starts doing what’s right…be a good example

Suppose you couldn’t change anything…well, no harm…everything is still the same, but at least you got better…but if you really changed something…then you have done the best thing you can ever do to this world…you actually changed the world….

just never underestimate your “Powers”

let’s do it…and let’s have fun doing it…

hope we can change the world someday ISA

Share this idea…but only if you believe in it…if it became your idea too

Khaled Hamdy

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Give them another chance


Hey guys, How are you all…long time no see ha 😀

So, this topic is really very important -in my point of view-

actually, it’s how we live…

It’s something we should live with…

Giving people another chance

if you did something wrong and you need another chance, or you refuse to give somebody another chance, this post is for you

I bet at least once in your life some one made something bad to you, or hurt you…well not even to you maybe some one made something that you thought is wrong to somebody else, but you thought that it’s unacceptable, and unforgivable.

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You’re one of a kind


They are always telling you how bad you are!

You feel useless, and helpless…you don’t know why the hell are you still alive!

you feel that you’re not good at anything

Depressed, annoyed, frustrated, and wish you weren’t born at all!

Hey man, easy on yourself…it’s not that bad trust me

First of all, cheer up…just trust me…draw a big smile on your face 🙂 , even if it was a fake one, it’s good 😀 .

Hey, Don’t you know who you are?!! you’re the most famous person…the most important person…and the best person ever!

you don’t believe me?!

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Take the RISK!


Well, although this is the firs post after the exams, I was inspired to write it when my friend Feras wrote a comment in a previous post.

well, sometimes we are afraid, afraid of new things, afraid of changing

It’s not that unusual, It’s quite normal to feel that you’re afraid of changing something in your life

because simply, you’re happy the way you are now, and you are not sure that you’ll be the same after changing…you’re afraid of loosing the happiness, and maybe afraid of loosing it forever.

maybe you feel superstitious about something, and you’re afraid to change it, and you think that if you did, you’ll be hunted by bad luck forever

and some other times, you’re afraid of doing something that you tried before and failed, and you’re afraid that you’ll fail again.

well, anyone can have these moments in his life…but you know deep inside that this isn’t right

you feel bad about being afraid…you want to take the risk, and if something went bad, you get back in time as if nothing has happened, and continue with your life.

Mmmm, That’s not gonna happen man! 🙂

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I’m baack :D


Heey guys,
I’m finally back, after the exams…well it was quite an adventure! Hope it’ll end in a good way ISA 😀

So, back to writing…really missed it.

hope you enjoy the upcoming articles, looking forward to seeing your comments, objections, suggestions or discussions 😀

and have fun all 😀

Khaled Hamdy

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